Iza nas je svjetsko nogometno prvenstvo, osvojeno srebro, nogometno ludilo i brdo čestitaka poslanih na adresu Sekcije. Naši Vatreni pokupili su simpatije mnogih prijatelja diljem svijeta pa tako i  naših IPA prijatelja iz Brazila. U nastavku objavljujemo pismo predsjednika IPA Brazil g. Joela Zarpellon Mazo…

Dear friend and fellow President, Miljenko VIDAK ,

                I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations to the performance of the Croatian Football Team at this World Cup. In personal forum, the champion of this cup, I understand, was your team. I say this because of the knowledge I gained because I was a football player in the past, because if the Italian judge did not score that fault (which did not happen) that generated the first goal of France, the story of this game would have been another to eternalize. Unfortunately, football today is directed at these scenarios rather than the true pursuit of soccer. In Brazil, we noticed this fact in this Wolrd Cup, with an athlete who could be the best player of the tournment, Neymar, who preferred the media game instead of playing soccer, amongst others of our Brazilian team that did exactly the opposite of what Modric did,who was totally deserving of the maximum prize of the Wolrd Cup.
 With great sincerity, I was very proud to see the Croatia team on the top teams of the world cup.


Joel Zarpellon Mazo
President of IPA Brasil