U nastavku teksta objavljujemo pismo zahvale koje smo primili od strane Kyriakosa Karkalisa IPA HELLENIC SECTION nakon smrti i posljednjeg ispraćaja glavnog tajnika Georgiosa Katsaropoulosa…

Dear IPA friends

Hello from Athens. I hope you all are in good health.
On behalf of IPA Hellenic Section and George’s family, we thank you warmly for your sympathy for our heavy mourning.
A few days before George left us, we had our last meeting in the intensive care unit of the military hospital, where he could not speak, but had full contact with the environment. I have given him the love of all of you and your wishes. With a wide smile and a nod of his hand, he thanked me. The IPA was on his mind until the last minute. He left in serenity and smile at midnight on Thursday 5-7-2018, spreading sorrow to his family, friends and the whole large IPA family.
His funeral was, as he had asked, simple and modest. We especially thank Mrs Gal Sharon and Mrs. May-Britt Ronnebro who traveled to attend the funeral representing the IEB but also the Sections of Israel and Sweden respectively. Also friends from IPA Sections Cyprus, Croatia and Romania, where they also sent delegations. We still thank all our friends for the hundreds of messages they have sent via social media and email, presidents of IPA Sections and even individual members.
We are sure that George sees us from above and smiles happy.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart and wish only health to everyone.

Kyriakos Karkalis
Head of International Relations